Strengthen and Expand Medicare Now!

No victory is too small on the road to make health care a human right in this country — and right now, we have a real opportunity to expand coverage to millions of Americans. Democrats in Congress are working on a transformative infrastructure package through the reconciliation process — a Senate procedure for certain budgetary bills that requires only 51 votes for passage instead of the usual 60. This is a chance to make a huge impact in the lives of millions of Americans despite Republican obstruction, but we need to raise our voices now to make sure every congressional Democrat is with us on these top priorities:

  • Strengthening Medicare to include hearing, dental, and vision benefits, as well as an out-of-pocket cap
  • Expanding Medicare by lowering the eligibility age from 65 to as low as possible
  • Enabling Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for everyone

We can’t let Congress pass up this chance to transform our health care system for the better. Tell the House and Senate to include a plan for strengthening Medicare in a final reconciliation package!